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PORTO 1820

Apartment Building in Porto Alegre



Arquitetura para Vida Contemporânea




Architectural project

Smart Arquitetura






A complex work, by where you go through different scales to achieve a technical excellence result . In Porto's work, the foundation stage is already a major challenge.


Digging the ground, setting the levels, building the structure and planning the next steps. In this very special place in the City of Porto Alegre, MSR is executing a high standard project for demanding clients, where each new activity requires attention to detail.




The planning stage of this work required an innovative solution: to start the work from the top down, or from the bottom forward. This solution was designed so that the structure being built already serves to contain the land.

In fact, planning is crucial in this project: as it is a singular terrain, which mixes with the built one, the planning stage was long developed to ensure that the work was organized in the smallest details

When the foundation stage is over, the structure begins, predominantly in exposed concrete. Finally, the finishes will be installed carefully with details to complement this unique piece of engineering with architectural value.


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