Office building in Porto Alegre - RS

Execution by Global Works Contract


ADUFRGS Sindical




2.400,00 m²

Architectural Project

Santini & Rocha Arquitetos


Marcelo Donadussi






The ADUFRGS new headquarters construction experienced several challenges. The work was accomplish in 14 months, between August 2014 and October 2015. MSR's participation started even before its effective hiring.


During the project, MSR helped in the definition of the executive method for the underground floor. It was defined that the pile foundations would be carried out until to the project level, and then the soil would be excavated with the preservation of shoulders at 45 degrees on the perimeters.

Then sections of curtain were made simultaneously with the excavation of the shoulders, while the construction of the pillars and other elements of the structure proceeded. During the excavation, which was carried out at the limit of the plot's perimeter, it was detected that one of the neighbors had advanced the foundation and adjustments were necessary for the work to proceed.



The structure was executed with the concept of apparent structure, in concrete. The round pillars were made with plasticized cardboard forms and the slabs with plasticized plywood.


This building has specific details for the application of different and unique materials, such as glazing, Hunter Douglas miniwave cladding, wooden auditorium ceilings and external walls covered with stripped basalt.

Those who visit ADUFRGS cannot remain indifferent to the result, which is a building with personality where the execution of MSR contributed decisively.