Residential Building in Porto Alegre - RS

Execution by Global Works Contract


Deboni Empreendimentos 




930,00 m²

Architectural project

OCA Oficina Conceito







A building with a local dimension, that highlights ​​the surroundings and will be with the resident throughout life through flexible environments where welfare comes first. Six apartments with free plan layouts ranging from lofts with integrated spaces to apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.

The work was carried out by MSR Engenharia within 12 months. The exposed concrete molded in loco of the facades and the use of wood on the north balconies are outstanding features of the project of the OCA (Oficina Conceito Arquitetura).

The structural system carried out consists of concrete pillars molded on site and lattice slabs filled with EPS blocks. This inter-floor system made it possible to meet the acoustic performance standards and brought speed into the execution of the project.

On the balconies, aluminum sliding brises lined with natural Grapia wood were installed. Luminaires were also installed to ensure the standardization of the facade.


The backyard terrace has an open area with a pergola and barbecue place and in the front a natural grass green terrace was installed. 

Each apartment was delivered with a barbecue place in exposed concrete, polished floors, slabs and bay windows also with exposed concrete. Two complete bathrooms, kitchen and laundry area. These areas have plasterboard installed.

The frames are made of aluminum gold line, with motorization, in black color. The solid wooden doors were installed with a flag, being whole from floor to ceiling.

On the ground floor, polished concrete floor again. Exposed concrete ceiling and in some sections black metal tile coating, as well as the side wall. Holes in the wall were installed for electric car charge.

The building reception is executed with metallic and wooden coating, according to the modern language of the building.

The project is by OCA - Oficina Conceito Arquitetura.

The complete execution of the work is by MSR Engenharia.